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Family Home of Rev. Professor Józef Tischner

Those interested in the recent history of Stary Sącz should see the family home of Rev. Professor Józef Tischner in Pilsudskiego Street 9 (an appropriate plaque hanging on the building). It is also worth to know that walking around the streets of Stary Sącz, we go past the legendary philosopher\'s close relatives who live and work in the town and the surrounding area. Rev. Professor Józef Tischner (1931-2000) He was born in 1931 as a first son of the mountaineer mother and a father who was a teacher from Stary Sącz. Shortly afterwards, the Tischner family moved to Łopuszna in Podhale, where Józef\'s father was offered a post. The Tischners returned to Stary Sącz only after having retired. Rev. Tischner often visited his parents in Stary Sącz, and many of his writings were typed on the famous typewriter at his family home. The Rev. Professor liked mountain trips and he often interacted directly with the inhabitants of Stary Sącz and Podhale areas. At the same time, being a philosopher, he was trying to translate the complexities of ethics and faith into comprehensible and pictorial language. His unique and full of colourful descriptions sermons, regularly preached at the Poor Clares Church, had been recorded and published by the nuns in a book form in 2009. The Regional Museum in Stary Sącz set up (on the first floor of a tenement house in the market square) a permanent exhibition in remembrance of the priest-philosopher, consisting of, among others: hundreds of photographs, books with Professor’s annotations on the margins as well as Tishner’s famous typewriter. Known for its openness, the sense of humour (the famous gradation of the concept of truth by Rev. Tischner was: "the truth, the whole truth and the bullshit truth!" [play on words in the Polish language] and religious commitment make Rev. Professor Józef Tischner one of the most important figures in the Małopolska region culture. There are remarkable stories of his friendship with John Paul II. The familiarity of the two men was very long and it started with a lecture by Rev. Dr Karol Wojtyła, to which the young seminary student Tischner litened in 1953! Rev. Tischner was the author of many books, including "Tischner reads the catechism", "Love understands us", "Understand your own faith", "Unrefocillated love"(recorded retreats and lectures from all over Poland), "The dispute over existence of a man" and many others, including the bestseller entitled "The history of philosophy in the Mountaineer style", which has also been filmed.

ul. Piłsudskiego 9
33-340 Stary Sącz



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